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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Honey, you may now download podcasts of the Rookie Night radio theater!

Kansas plays the Dead Shirt County Fair, 1994, beginning what
The Dead Shirt Commoner called "A County-Wide Lost Month"

While we take a long-haired hiatus from new episodes, our good friend Freekradio is now hosting downloadable podcasts of all past episodes of Justin Stone's Rookie Night radio theater show. Click here to check out the Freekradio Podcast Archive tonight. Download and listen to episodes Rookie Night or something else. Freekradio offers a great archive of music and talk shows. Tell a friend about Rookie Night. If you and that friend listen, you'll be able to say that the two of you were listeners number 3 and 4, after my mom and Doug's cherished Aunt Konny. It is a well-heeled club. You may watch our phalanx practice maneuvers and maybe even take the beach at any 4 a.m. in the morning.

Gawd. I'll admit, I would love to have four listeners.
Know we are out here. Know Doug moves like a slightly overweight puma. Know an old dog has requested a new trick. Know work is happening and that when you hear what we have got in store you might find yourself in the state of idyllic confusion that precedes the ecstatic truth.