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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Episode Six, a musical interlude

Rookie Night, Episode Six, running this week at the usual times on, offers a little something different. A musical mix experimentation, and a short one at that. Consider it a musical interlude. But there is here some real good stuff to hear and so I recommend you tune in. There will likely be a new show in the future on freekradio in which I only play music, and this show is kind of a reach in that direction. I wondered how it would sound. And I like.

Thank you for listening. This is a strange operation, I know, with an intermittent release schedule, but even tuning in to listen to the old shows is, I think, a worthwhile endeavor, as they are thick. Repeat listens can only aid in the getting along.

Much more to come.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Episode Five, because one guy demanded it

A Wonderful Work Of Art Submitted By
Rookie Night's First And Only Fan Club Member

Rookie Night, Episode Five is up and running. Stare as long as you like, it'll last longer. A relaxed gaze. This week is the county fair, and the county is fair. Come on down to Dead Shirt, "The Town That Sweats Together."

This week's episode is presented in (the still maybe unreliable) 11D. Doug has been at the drawing board, visualizing. Wear your goggles and galoshes. Wear your floppy hats. It's wet in here.

Listen to Rookie Night, Episode Five starting tonight, Sunday, August 8, at, 10 pm Central Standard Time. That's 8 pm on the West Coast.